Sell Avon

Need extra money?

Have a desire to walk away from your current career?

Or do you just like beauty and fashion? 


Become an AVON Independent Sales Representative! 

You can work as much or as little as you’d like…whenever your want! That’s the beauty of being “a boss”…it’s your choice. It takes only five minutes to sign up...and just like that, you’re an entrepreneur! Click HERE and complete the online form.

You’ll be asked to choose one of three start-up kits at a cost of $25, $50 or $100. For as little as $25, you’re on your way! Of course, the more expensive the kit, the more products you receive. I ordered the $25 kit and I was pleasantly surprised with the contents. Here’s what you get in each:


$25 Quick Starter Kit


$50 Advanced Starter Kit


$100 Premium Starter Kit

The kits each include the items you need to get started selling and making money right away!

Are you curious about your earnings? Here they are!

Order Size Your Earnings
$0 to $49.99 0%
$50 to $149.99 20%
$150 to $294.99 30%
$295 to $439.99 35%
$440 to $924.99 40%
$925 to $1,574.99 45%
$1,575 and up% 50%

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