Over 40 Doesn’t Mean Over the Hill! Check Out These Ageless Elegant Beauties!

I recently began selling Avon again and someone said to me, “You may have a hard time. Only old people buy Avon and they don’t really buy makeup anymore.” I couldn’t let it go…I just had to ask. “What’s old?” The person said very calmly, “People over 40.” I had to work hard to keep my hands to my side. In my mind, I saw one hand rising up and leaving five red marks across that young lady’s cheek!

Someone get the shovel and dig the hole! I’m 48 so I guess I’ll be in my final resting place soon.”


At age 40, you have just begun to live! You are wiser, more confident, have a better understanding of your own personal style, and can clearly communicate your likes and dislikes. Those of us over 40 have a sexiness…a sassiness…in us that didn’t exist 20 years ago. Can I get an amen?

To prove my point, let’s take a look at some “old” celebrities and see how they’ve aged. Each of these ageless elegant beauties is exceptionally attractive and wears…(get ready)…makeup!


Candace Cameron has been in many other roles, but to me, she’ll always be DJ Tanner from “Full House”. Yes, DJ Tanner is 40 now and looks great.img_2533

ANTM creator Tyra Banks still looks like a top model herself at age 43.img_2505

Did anyone else know that Cosby kid Vanessa Huxtable was over 40 now? Tempest Bledsoe is glowing!

Being “Mary Jane” star  Gabrielle Union should also enjoy just being herself as well. At 44, she is stunning!
good deeds 150212

Now Fish Mooney on “Gotham”, Jada Pinkett Smith looks as good today at 45 as she did on the Cosby hit “A Different World” where she was cast as the sassy Lena James. 

Supermodel Naomi Campbell is flawless at 46. 

Has this woman aged? Rapper/Singer/Actress/Producer/Model/Talk Show Host Queen Latifah is exceptionally talented and simply gorgeous at age 46. In fact, she has become more attractive over the years.

Jenny from the Block, aka J. Lo, looks wonderful at 46.  I’m sure running after her adorable twins keeps her fit and feeling young!


Leah Remini, J. Lo’s bestie, is a young-looking 46. Some people remember her from “The King of Queens” but I remember has as Zack’s girlfriend on “Saved by the Bell”…and she looks the same!


Everyone knows Kelly Ripa from “Live With Kelly” (nee Michael and Regis). Does anyone else remember Kelly from “All My Children”  as Haley Vaughn in the 1990s? Haley…er…Kelly, hasn’t changed much.


“Friends” star Jennifer Aniston is drop dead gorgeous at 47. She has been through so much and still smiles. I cannot be the only one routing and cheering for this woman! 

Vanessa Marcil was always beautiful to me and has not aged since her days on “General Hospital” or “Beverly Hills 90210.” I can’t believe she’s 48!img_2495

No way! Actress Ashley Judd is 48 and is as pretty as she was when I first saw her in the movie “Kiss the Girls.” 

Cosby kid Lisa Bonet is 49. The former Denise Huxtable has perfect cheek bones!img_2519

How does Halle Berry manage to look as fabulous at 50 as she did in her “Cat Woman” costume?

Another supermodel and ageless beauty…the beautiful Cindy Crawford at age 50 who still looks fabulous with her signature beauty mark/mole.

Salma Hayak looks exactly as she did when I first saw her in the movie “Fools Rush In.” However that was 20 YEARS AGO…she is now 50! That is hard to believe.

I was a HUGE fan of “The Facts of Life”.  In fact, I wanted to be Blair! Lisa Whelchel is still as pretty as ever at 53. 

I don’t care how many roles she has had since “A Different World,” Jasmine Guy will always be the rich, spoiled, annoying, Whitley Gilbert to me. Oh, how I loved that character! The southern belle is now 54.

Ageless TV and movie star Michelle Pfieffer is now 58. I will never forget her roles in “Scarface” and “Married to the Mob”. She is still lovely…and those eyes! 

Supermodel and Uptown Girl Christie Brinkley makes 62 look sexy, doesn’t she? How does she manage to look this gorgeous? Wow!

Huh? Bern Nadette Stanis of “Good Times” fame is 63? Unbelievable! J.J.’s little sister Thelma still looks DYN-O-MITE!

How does Patti Labelle manage to have such flawless skin at age 72? She looks at least 20 years younger.


This is a bonus three-for-one! Who was not a “Charlie’s Angel” fan in the 70s? Here are the three original angels pictured together. Jaclyn Smith (left)  is now 70 and hasn’t changed a bit. Kate Smith (right) is looking great at 68. (Sadly, Farrah Fawcett in the center died in 2009 at age 62.) 


If Tina Turner has been rolling on the river, the fountain of youth must empty into it. The “What’s Love Got to Do With It?” singer is 77 and looks as if she still has those “Proud Mary” moves!

The always classy Diahann Caroll is unbelievably 81. She starred in Julia, the first weekly series to depict a Black woman in a nonsterotypical role. She continued in this vein, defying stereotypes, as Dominque Deveraux, Blake Carrington’s long-lost, black, half-sister on nighttime soap “Dynasty.” I’ll bet she still looks amazing in those gowns!
Women In Film 2014 Crystal + Lucy Awards

Lastly, how can we forget the lovely Betty White who will be 95 in just over a week? She is as witty and charming as ever and is wearing that stuff old people don’t wear…makeup!


To those of you who think ages 40 and over are old, you are sadly mistaken! We are living wonderful lives and there’s a market out there for fabulous women from their 40s through their 90s who want to continue to look and feel good! My Grandma Irene died in 2011 at age 91. She attended church regularly well into her late 80s, wearing her lipstick each Sunday.

My guess is that most women want to look and feel pretty. Over 40 doesn’t mean old. In fact some people say 40 is the new 20! If so, then 50 is the new 30, 60 is the new 40, etc. God, I love being 28!

Ponder this quote from a Huffington Post article titled “40 is the New 20”: “When you’re twenty, you live life without regrets. When you’re thirty, you have a lot of regrets. When you’re forty, you just live life.”

Gotta go now…I’m going to live life.


Anew Line Eraser – It Works!

Avon sells Anew Clinical Line Eraser with Retinol which is supposed to reduce lines and wrinkles. I wondered if it really worked. My thinking is that if I sell it, I have to believe in it…so I ordered some and decided to try it for myself. I followed my regular morning regimen. First I cleaned my skin. Then it was time to treat. I looked in the mirror and noticed the lines in the corner of my eye. Ugh! When did those come? I placed a dab of the line eraser on the lines. I followed with my Anew Revitalizer moisturizer and eye cream and then checked the mirror. THE LINES WERE GONE! Wait a minute. Did that just happen? Was my mind playing tricks on me? I quickly grabbed my camera to photograph the evidence…


The above photo shows before and after I used the Anew Clinical Line Eraser. You can clearly see the lines in the corners of my eyes in the first picture. There are NONE in the second picture. AMAZING!

This line eraser contains retinol, a top wrinkle-fighting ingredient. The packaging says that lines and wrinkles are reduced in just days. I assume this refers to a more permanent reduction with use because mine were reduced immediately. In fact, a study showed that 100% of women who used the product showed improvement with regard to their lines and wrinkles.The product also claims to give one a more youthful appearance. I guess it’s true…I wrote yesterday about my colleague complimenting me for turning back the hands of time. (I’m age 48!) See that post here.

Directions: Use in the morning and evening after cleansing. Apply to face and neck.

I am very satsified with this product and highly recommend it. Order it in the eStore today have it delivered directly to your home.




Anew Clinical Line Eraser with Retinol Treatment


Turning Back the Hands of Time with Anew


Today one of my teachers passed me in the hall and asked, “Raquel, are you turning back the hands of time?” I didn’t know what she meant, so I didn’t respond right away. She continued. “Are you taking a dip in the fountain of youth? I swear, you’re looking younger each time I see you.” O.M.G. I felt like hugging her. That was the greatest compliment I have received in a while. I’ve been told that a particular outfit looked nice. I’ve been told that my hair looked pretty. I’ve received compliments on my choice of lipstick shade or eye shadow. But to be told I look young? At age 48? I have to repeat….O.M.G. It was like the heavens opened up and the angels began to sing. I didn’t walk for the rest of the school day…I glided. I don’t care about tomorrow. I don’t care about next week. I don’t care about last summer. Today, I looked young! But what is it? What am I doing now that is noticeable to others and has me walking around in ageless elegance? (Yes everyone…I named this site for a reason!)


It’s the Avon Anew Reversalist products I’ve been using! Let me just say, I am a brutally honest Avon Independent Sales Representative. If I try an Avon product and don’t like it, I’ll tell you. How can I, in good faith, sell you something that I wouldn’t buy mself without being up front with you? Likewise, when there’s something I like…I mean really like… I’ll also tell it. The Reversalist products have been amazing. Here is my daily regimen. I begin using my Anew Cleanser and then I treat with the Anew Clinical Line Eraser.  I moisturize in the AM with the Anew Reversalist Day Cream and at night with the Anew Reversalist Night Cream.(NOTE: There is an Anew Reversalist Day Lotion for people with oily skin.)  I finish up religiously with the eye cream.

Anew skin care products must be selected based on your age in years along with the stage k which your skin is aging. I can’t speak for all of the Anew skin care lines, but the Reversalist is phenomenal. My assumption, based on the personal success I’ve had with the Reversalist products, is that all of the products are good.




Daily Regimen For Skin Care

When it comes to skin care…remember to KISS – Keep It Simple Silly!  Your daily regimen should include four easy steps twice each day – morning and night:

  1. Cleanse
  2. Treat
  3. Moisturize
  4. Eye Care

That’s it.

Read this post to determine your skin type. Are you oily, normal to dry, or do you have combination skin? Choose a cleanser for your skin type to remove dirt from your face. I recommend that you choose one of the Avon Anew Clean cleansers in the eStore. Do you know where most of the dirt comes from on our faces? Our hands! We also remove dead skin cells from our faces when we cleanse. After cleansing, try to keep your hands away from your face.
NOTE: If you are doing this at night, please be sure to use a makeup remover first. 

It is here that you address any skin concerns such as fine lines, wrinkles, sagging, and dark eye circles.  Anew Clinical has a variety of treatments for many skin conditions.


Now it’s time to replenish the moisture. Moisturizing also gives anti-aging benefits. When you moisturize, don’t forget your neck! Who wants moisturized, youthful skin and an old, dry neck?


So many people forget this step, but it is important. Eye cream will address darkness, crows feet, and will keep skin around the eyes soft. Don’t rub – use your 4th finger and pat.

So there you have it…your daily skin care regimen. Be sure to do this each morning and each night.

Shop at my eStore for all AVON Anew products. FYI, Anew products should be selected based on the stage at which your skin is aging and your actual age.

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