Buy Avon

Many of us who live in Ageless Elegance grew up on Avon. We remember looking through the brochures and placing orders with the Avon Lady…or we remember our moms or grandmothers doing it! In fact, my grandma used to buy me the Avon Perfumed Liquid Deoderant in the 70s! Well, the Avon Lady is now online…I have an Avon store!

Register on the Site

One of the first things you have to do is register on the site. Even if you choose not to order anything, don’t leave without registering with your name and email address. You will be alerted to promotions and sales. I promise not to bombard you with emails! You will never be forced to order anything and can unregister whenever you choose.

Shop the Brochures

To shop online, click here on my eStore, go to from any browser, or click on the photo below. You will be taken to my personal website that will look much like the photo. From here, you can shop from the convenience of your home for makeup, skin care, bath and body, fragrance, jewelry, and fashion and have products delivered directly to your home or place of business!


Avon publishes sales brochures every two weeks. Each two week period is called a campaign and has its own brochure. There are 26 campaigns/brochures each year. Each selling period/brochure is referred to by its campaign number (ex. Campaign 1 or C-1, Campaign 2 or C-2, etc.). Each brochure is good for two additional campaigns. For example, you may place orders from the Campaign 1 brochure through Campaign 3.  The brochures are available online and for each of the campaigns. Click the cover below to peruse the current regular brochure:


Avon Regular Campaign Brochure

The Avon Outlet brochure features discontinued items or close out deals for up to 65% off the regular price. Click the cover to view:


Avon Outlet Brochure

Take your time and browse as if you are flipping through the pages of a magazine. Other brochures are available throughout the year such as the mark. brochure for trendsetters who are ready to make their mark. on the world. Click the cover:


The Avon mark. Brochure

Happy shopping!!!!!!!!