Happy New Year

I like to think of the word YEAR as Your Exhaustive Annual Review. I believe it’s important to reflect on the past year for my personal growth. I think about what was successful and try to figure out why. This is important to determine so that I can repeat it intentionally moving forward.

Some incidents are simply a part of life’s cycles and are beyond my control, such as the death of a loved one. I think about those, too. Do I need to scream or cry? If so, I do it! Sometimes this can be cathartic and I allow myself this moment.

What is hard is reflecting on unsuccessful occurrences or things that have caused us to be hurt or angry. Many of us attempt to ignore it and leave it in the past year. We act like if we don’t think about it any longer, then it never occurred. I’ll admit that I’ve been guilty of this. However, that’s a big no-no! I’ve learned that if I don’t reflect on the negative, some things are destined to be repeated unintentionally. It is foolish to repeat negative events that could have been prevented. As painful as it may be, I have to spend some time on these things. What happened? Why? How did what I do or say contribute to it? What could I have done differently? Who else was involved? Did this person help or hinder? With whom do I need to associate less or not at all? Critical thinking upon the negative has been important for my own learning and growth. It has proven to be the most beneficial because learning from the negative can help me to create more positive situations. My belief is that if I can learn from the negative, then I’ve taken something positive from it.

So going into 2017, remember that YEAR means Your Exhaustive Annual Review. Let’s look 2016 in the face, the good and the bad, and be prepared to make 2017 even better!

Happy New Year!



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